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2605 South Hanley

St. Louis,  MO, 63144

Tel:  314-647-5255
Fax: 314-647-5157

In business since 1986, we at Tile Source understand your goal of having a warm and inviting home-not just a house.  We offer the highest quality tile, a vast array of styles, and excellent value so that your goal can easily become a reality. 


You'll find that our friendly, professional sales associates go out of their way to make you feel as welcome and comfortable in our store as you want your guests to be in your house.  We have degreed designers on staff that are trained in the art as well as the mechanics of designing with ceramic tile.


We have been in business for over 30 years, and as such, we are able to address any type of ceramic tile installation problem and or concern you may have. Visit us instead of the "bix-box stores" and get the right advice the first time. As we always tell our customers, "unless you can afford to do it twice, visit us first."


Please visit our beautifully appointed 5000 square foot showroom where we have over 1000 tiles on display and let us show you that "Elegance Can be Affordable"




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