We also offer installation and design advice if needed. We have been in business for close to 30 years and as such, we are able to address any type of ceramic tile installation problem and or concern you may have. There isn't a whole lot we haven't "seen" when it comes to ceramic tile. We know that nothing is common or ordinary when renovating an older home or commercial building. These type of projects are often times fraught with unforeseen problems which can lead to unbudgeted costs.

We have seen numerous problematic situations over the past 30 years and therefore can help guide you through potential "minefields" before they ruin your budget and eventually make it impossible for you to make a profit.


Commercial and Residential Renovators

Visit us first...

If you are a commercial or residential renovator, please visit us before your next project.
We offer quantity discounts and always have numerous closeouts and discontinued in-stock specials on our showroom floor

Use the Correct Strategy

Every project is unique

Visit us instead of the "big-boxes stores" and get the right advice the first time. As we always tell our customers, "unless you can afford to do it twice, visit us first."